Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club Membership Survey
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your membership experience! This survey is anonymous so you can answer freely on the questions. After you submit the survey, another window will open which will provide a link to submit your name for a drawing of a $50 Amazon Gift card for completing the survey. The survey must be completed by December 15th in order to qualify to be in the drawing. The drawing will be at the Awards Banquet in February. Complete the survey now so you don’t forget and lose out on the chance for the $50 Gift Card. It will take you about 5 minutes to complete. You do not need to be present at the Awards Banquet to win, but we hope you are!
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Are you a current CWVC member? *
What was your primary reason for joining the CWVC- check all that apply *
How many times this year have you attended as a spectator or participant: (note: include both if you attended a meeting at an event) *
5-6 or more
Events such as dog show, agility trial, hunt tests, field trial, fun day
What is the primary reason for not attending: *
Had other committments
Not interested in attending
Events held in conjunction with meetings are not of interest to me.
Have you worked at a CWVC event in the last 3 years? *
If you have not volunteered at an event in the past, what is your primarily reason (check all that apply)
What would increase your willingness to volunteer at events? (check all that apply) *
Are you aware of club incentives to encourage you to attend meeting and work at events ? If so, which ones have the most value that would encourage you to attend. *
Yes aware of this
Not aware of this
Most value to me
Least value to me
Nice to have but doesn't drive my decision
Donation Match for WI Rescues/Humane Society
Free meals and drinks at events and meetings
Health Study Reinbursement
Eligibility for Awards Plaque
$25 gift card door prize for meeting attendance
What other incentives could the club offer that would encourage you to attend meetings or work at events? *
How far are you willing to travel to an event? Some events may hold more value to different people. *
30-60 miles
60-120 miles
more than 120 miles
I would not go to this event
Hunt tests
Field Trials
Agility Trials
Conformation Shows
Fun day/meeting
Please add any suggestions
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