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You would like to let the world know about a publication related to Open Sound Control (whether or not you are not the/an author). It could be a journal article, conference paper, 2, technical report, etc., describing research related to (implementing, using, teaching, extending...) OSC. To help you make a web page for this implementation under ("the site"), this form asks a series of questions. Form responses go to the site's editors and you should hear back and/or see the new page appear within a month or so. All content submitted to the site will be given away freely to the world via the CC BY 4.0 license (
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The full ordered list of this publication's authors, separated by commas (with no "and" before the final name), with each name in order (FIRSTNAME LASTNAME instead of LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME), and with no other commas. Middle name(s) or initial(s) are optional. Unicode characters are allowed. For example: "Adrian Freed, Michael Zbyszyński, Julius O. Smith III"
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To allow the site to alphabetize publications without having to parse the Authors field above, please redundantly give only the first author's last name, for example "Freed".
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Year of publication
The "official" URL for this publication. For journal articles this should be the journal's own website, for conference papers this should be this publication's page within the conference (proceedings) website, etc.
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Where this publication was published. For a book give the publisher (but not the publisher's location). For a journal, give the name of the journal followed by volume and issue, e.g., "Computer Music Journal 18:4". For a conference, give just the name (possibly followed by acronym), e.g., "New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)". For an academic thesis or dissertation say something like "Master's Thesis, UC Santa Barbara".
If applicable, the pages this publication occupies with the larger book, conference proceedings, journal issue, etc. Give as two integers separated by a dash, e.g., "323-328".
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This publication's abstract ( Line breaks will be discarded; use "<p>" for multiple-paragraph abstracts.
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