OANM Training Scholarship 'Application'
Anyone who would like a scholarship, gets one. No questions asked.

How come?


a) no one knows your circumstances better than you;
b) we want to model the trust that sits at the heart of strengthening communities;
c) we trust you; and
d) the systemic oppression embedded in our capitalist system has disproportionately affected many. Scholarships can offer a small way to address inequity, but having people explain their need for a scholarship can also be a means by which power inequities are deepened.

Below you will see a range of scholarship options. As we are a U.S. nonprofit, any contributions go directly to the Post Growth Institute (PGI) - to create a world that's more socially, environmentally and economically just.

Whatever your needs, please fill in the survey below and we'll be in touch with the relevant registration information.

In solidarity and with excitement to meet you,

Donnie, Crystal and the PGI team
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