"The Sierra Way" Quiz-2018
All Students at Sierra are expected to understand and master the ''Sierra Way". By passing this you have proven you are ready, and understand what it takes to be successful at Sierra High School. Some questions have more than one right answer, please check all that are correct.
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Which Statement is the new cell phone policy at Sierra HS?
Why is gum not allowed at Sierra High School?
You are not considered tardy, when the bell rings, if
How does your class earn Pride Points?
What happens if you receive a level 3 for cell phone use? Choose 2
Which of these are allowed at Sierra High School?
The correct procedures for restroom use are
If you serve a detention for being tardy...
Which of these are excused absences?
Cussing /profanity is
Which are the appropriate ways to see the counselor?
What is the proper way to carry your laptop?
Which of these are not allowed during class as Sierra High School?
Which of these are a Level 1 misbehavior?
Which statements are true about a level 2 misbehavior?
Which of the statements below are true about a level 3 misbehavior?
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