Facts to Know About the Status of Black Women As We Enter the Biden Years: Health Feedback
The African American Policy Forum is excited to launch “The Facts to Know About the Status of Black Women as We Enter the Biden Years.” It's imperative we reveal the intersectional difficulties that Black women face, if we are to advance their interests over the next few years.

This series will use infographics, videos, and other resources that grow out of our existing reports and datasets. Our goal is to provide a picture of where Black women and girls are situated across a range of social, economic and political metrics. To view and engage with the campaign visit our Instagram and Twitter @aapolicyforum.

We have begun to collect this information and we welcome your thoughts. Your responses may be shared publicly for educational purposes, but they will remain anonymous. If you would like to share a statement about your experiences within the healthcare system leave a brief testimony in the survey boxes below.

Although we cannot share any legal or medical advice, you can also email us at info@aapf.org with any questions or to contribute further

- The African American Policy Forum

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Did you know? Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die during childbirth or suffer from pregnancy-related complications than white women. *
Did you know? Black women are overrepresented in service sector jobs (including frontline healthcare workers) most exposed to COVID-19 infections. *
Did you know? Black women are more likely to die from heart disease and breast cancer than any other group of women or men in the US. *
Did you know? Only 87% of Black women of reproductive age have access to health insurance, in comparison to 91% of the total population. *
Did you know? Black women experience “weathering” i.e. their bodies age faster than white women’s due to chronic stress linked to social determinants of health. *
Did you know? While 14% of all transgender women live with HIV, 44% of Black transgender women live with HIV.
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From a scale of 1-5 (1 being completely uncomfortable, 5 being completely comfortable) how comfortable are you with being in predominantly white healthcare spaces (e.g. doctor offices, clinics, hospitals, etc.)?
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Black women: Share a dismissive remark or comment made by a physician or healthcare professional when you communicated a health concern with them?
Have you ever decided to go to a different healthcare professional for a second opinion of what a non-Black physician has told you about your health?
Describe a situation in which a non-Black healthcare professional made you emotionally upset during a medical visit or procedure.
With the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, what fears do you or a loved one have with seeing healthcare professionals now?
Would you say there has been an increase or decrease in your trust for seeing a healthcare professional?
Do you have any other information, resources or feedback you would like to share? (Although we cannot share any legal or medical advice, you can also email us at info@aapf.org with any questions or to contribute further)
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