Referee Travel and Hotel Application

We have rooms available for out of town referees who need overnight stay. "Out of town" means those officials traveling beyond 75 miles one way to the fields and have been assigned at least 6 games for the weekend. All rooms are non-smoking double queens that will be shared with another official. You may request on the form if you would like to room with a specific referee.

Local referees within a 65 mile radius of the tournament may apply for a hotel, but it is NOT guaranteed. Local referees are only given rooms if the tournament has already housed the out of town officials, and you have been assigned at least 7 games.

Rooms are for referees ONLY. Kids/family members/significant others are not allowed to stay unless they are working during the event. Those who want to bring guests can opt for the $75 reimbursement per room night and book their own accommodations. The $75 reimbursement option is based on the pre-tax room night cost and will only be honored if the referee provides a hotel invoice/receipt upon checkout to the tournament staff.

IF YOU ARE A MINOR (under 18 years), you MUST include the email of your parent or guardian on this form. If you are not comfortable sharing a room with another official, you must opt for the $75/night reimbursement and book your own room. If you are a minor traveling with another referee who is an adult or minor, you can request to room with this person on the travel form. We do our best to room minors with other minors, but this is not always possible. Parents or guardians of the minor assume all responsibility for communicating requests with tournament staff and making other arrangements in advance. Please plan accordingly.

Hotel details and checkin/checkout instructions are typically sent the Wednesday of the event weekend. If you do not receive details by then, please email immediately. We strongly suggest you keep copies of your travel pay applications for your reference.

Gas pay is based on one-way mileage and will be provided as follows:
60-75 miles: $20
76-100 miles: $35
101-150 miles: $50
151-200 miles: $75
200+ miles: $100

*Please note that tournament directors have final discretion on all matters pertaining to hotel and travel pay.
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