Drive, Chip & Putt Host Site Application
The application deadline is November 13th, 2020. The process for hosting a 2021 Local Qualifier has changed, please read each section carefully.
New to the 2021 Qualifying Season!
The Local Qualifying season is changing for 2021, in order to truly reach every kid of every ability everywhere we are asking our PGA Professionals to run our Local Qualifiers. PGA Professionals will be shipped tee gifts, and equipment. You will also be provided with all of the printed resources for registration and scoring, and given access to the DCP registration portal so you can communicate with the juniors & families about the event.

The Section will offer a DCP host site training day to walk you through set up, competition rules, and what to expect for the day.

As a host site you will have more of an opportunity to communicate to the families and showcase your facility, increasing your reach with the 1-140 juniors onsite for competition day.

What to Expect
Our Drive Chip & Putt attendance average for the year of 2019 was 105 kids per event! Some sites had over 200 kids register so your numbers will vary based on location. Your facility can expect 100+ juniors with their parents, siblings and grandparents. There will be a LOT of foot traffic! If you are concerned about the number of kids at the event we will work with our host sites to limit the number of registrants.

Registration closes 5 days prior to the event; start times will need to be created and sent out to the players after registration closes.

The participants will go off in groups of 3 in order of age/gender oldest to youngest. It takes about 10-15 minutes for a group to get through the three stations and anywhere from 30 minutes- 1.5 hours for a division to be finished. We do awards immediately after each division is completed.

Some kids stick around all day and watch others compete and some will leave once they are finished.

It will take roughly 2 hours to set up for the competition, and about 30 minutes to tear down. Competition will last anywhere from 3-8 hours (depending on field size)
Date Ranges
Local Qualifiers: May 15-July 31
Staffing Needs
You will need 9-11 volunteers. Depending on how many participants you have at your site, you may want to schedule shifts, if you schedule shifts each shift will still need a minimum of 9 people.

We recommend reaching out to your members, public play, and even recruiting some high school golfers to volunteer. We also recommend having at least one extra staff person on your team to help refill/pick the range and help with food and beverage.
Driving Station Requirements -you will need an area that is a minimum of 40 yards wide and 300 yards long with additional space for participants to warm up. The driving grid should be relatively free of any obstructions (bunkers, cart path, trees).
Set up time: 1 hour

Volunteers: Minimum of 3-4 volunteers- they will be helping spot balls in the field, measuring the distance of the drives , and recording the scores for the participants (2 spotters, 1-2 at the teeing ground).
Driving Station- Using the Range
The driving range must be 40 yards wide & 300 yards long with additional space to warm up (minimum of 3 spots for participants only). If your range is large enough you may have regular play continue to warm up here. Everyone on the range should aim away from the grid while the competition is in progress.

The best way to measure if your range will fit the requirements is by getting two staff members to laser the length and width. While you need a minimum of 40 yards wide, for the grid we advise it to be at least 65 yards wide for the warm up spaces.
Driving Station- Using a Golf Hole
If the driving range is unavailable, using the #1 or #10 hole is another great option. The hole will again need to be 40 yards wide & 300 yards long with minimum obstructions. There cannot be ANY water in the grid. Please have someone measure the length and width of the area and keep in mind that we do need minimum obstructions in the grid.

If we use the hole we will need play to stop at least 1 hour prior to the first starting time. (Some courses turn their first hole into a par three and move the tees outside of the grid in order to accommodate play)
Chipping Station Requirements
Chipping: You will need 1 hole freshly cut in a flat area. You will need at least 12 feet of green all the way around the cup and the participants will be chipping from 13-18 yards away. We prefer them to be chipping out of short rough, not the fringe to avoid anyone wanting to use a putter. You will be drawing circles either in chalk around the cup.

Set Up time: 30 minutes

Volunteers: 2 volunteers needed- they will be scoring and recording the attempts of the participants
Putting Station Requirements
Putting: You will need 1 cup freshly cut with a 6, 15, & 30 foot putt available. All putts should be relatively flat; we don’t want any wicked breaks or hills. The putting and chipping area must be separated enough so that stray balls aren’t going to be an issue. You will be marking the green with the same materials as the chipping station

Set Up Time: 30 minutes

Volunteers: 2 volunteers needed- they will be scoring and recording the attempts of the participants
Extra Activities
You will have anywhere from 140-240 people at your facility! Players, parent’s siblings some whom have never seen or been to your course before! This is a HUGE opportunity to grow your reach, and get NEW customers!!!! Schedule a few more staff members on this day to increase your moments of truth encounters and create something special for the juniors, parents, siblings and families to want to come back!!! Extra Activities could include discounted golf rates, merchandise sale, BBQ Cookout lunch, GolfZilla, Junior Clinic signup sheets...etc.
How We Choose Host Sites
We will be selecting 20 host sites this year!! We will be selecting the sites based on the excitement & involvement from the host professional and facility. With the change in how Local qualifiers will be run we are looking for host sites in areas ALL over the state,including the UP & areas we previously haven't be able to serve.

The Host site will have ample training on how to run a DCP, & the host professional will be the lead on site in charge of the competition. A member from the Section Office will always be a phone call away for any rules issues/questions.
Application Deadline
November 13th, 2020
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Extra Activities: will you be interested in hosting any other activities at your facility during the DCP? If yes, please jot down the activities *
We will be bringing anywhere from 200-500 people to your property, between parents, siblings and participants...we highly suggest having other events to capture the 200-500 people & turn them into a returning patron. Extra activities could be as simple as having a "stay and play 9 rate" or F & B specials or as complex as running a parent/sibling lesson clinic. Please note you will be responsible for staffing & running your extra activities, and we will help advertise them to the participants in advance.
I have read and reviewed the host facility requirements. I understand that I will be running the Local Qualifier. I have measured the driving area to ensure it is at least 300 yards long and 40 yards wide, with additional space to warm up. I will have 9-12 staff/volunteers that will arrive 1 hour before the competition starts. *
If you have any comments, questions or concerns please let us know below *
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