BUPD Creative Survey 2023
The following set of questions are being asked to determine the effectiveness of our advertising campaign.
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Are you between the ages of 16-34? *
Do you live in Kentucky? *
Do you have a valid KY driver's license? *
Do you text and drive? (Please answer honestly.) *
Based on how you answered above, why do you chose to text/not text and drive? *
After completing the questions above, please watch the video below before completing the next set of questions.
Have you seen this video before today? *
What is the main idea or the most important message being communicated in what you just reviewed? Please be as specific as possible. *
How important is the message you just saw to you, personally? *
Not important at all
Extremely important
Does the message you just saw change how you feel about texting and driving? *
Not at all
Tell us why or why not this would change how you feel about texting and driving. *
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