Monthly BCFM Feedback
We'd really appreciate your feedback as we grow! There are just a few questions, we did our best to keep them easy and quick to complete!
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The next market is SATURDAY, MAY 14th!

You can RSVP and share any specials/featured products and/or ideas below:

All resources & Vendor Links can be found at: 
Date of Market
On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your experience at BCFM?
Not my jam
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Support us in learning! What would make it a 5/5 or what was the thing that made 5/5?
How does BCFM compare to other markets? Is there anything that makes our market unique, that you like/don't like, and/or other markets we should look at to learn from? Just a few words is A-OK!
How many dollars and/or number of transactions did you process at the market? This supports us knowing if it's financially worth it for you and informing future growth.
Anything else we should know, ideas, feedback, or questions? Thank you!!
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