AMC Community Bible Experience
CBE is part of our goal to make disciples of Jesus. A disciple studies the Word of God diligently, by himself and with others. In this 4-week journey, we will embark to read the Gospel of John together. Join us to read big, read real and read together.
An Important Read For Cell Group Members:
We encourage all Cell Groups (CGs) to participate in the Community Bible Experience together. This would mean one of these 3 options for you:

1. Your small group will use Community Bible Experience as Cell Group curriculum for 1 month, or...

2. Your small group continues with your current sermon discussion/bible study material. In addition, your small group will go the extra mile to include one more meeting for Community Bible Experience on another day, or...

3. Your small group will not participate in Community Bible Experience. So you will sign up separately to join a CBE group.

Do ensure your Cell Group has discussed the options before you proceed with sign up. Thank you.
My Cell Group has decided:
Name of your Cell Group, if any
Contact Number
Email Address (one that you use regularly as we may email study slides or notes to you)
Choose your preferred slot for group sharing (choose up to 3 slots)
Which online platform have you used?
As CBE is conducted online, we will try our best to group participants based on the online platform they are most comfortable to use.
Thank you for signing up. Churchwide bible reading starts on 24 May 2020. Online group sharing commences from 30 May 2020 onwards. A reading plan will be emailed to you for greater clarity. Thank you.
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