Camp Nerdly 13 Registration Form
Camp Nerdly 13 will take place May 22, 2020 to May 24, 2020.

You will be able to make edits to this application until April 30, when registration closes.

We are trying something new this year! All of our policies and waivers are included on this registration form. This helps us cut down on both time AND paper! Therefore, this form is a bit longer than previous forms, but it ALSO means that your check-in at camp will be quick and hassle-free.

The sections on this form will be as follows:

1. Who are you? (names, pronouns, etc)
2. Who else are you bringing? (Info for any additional people you are paying and registering for)
3. Teenagers
4. Assistance
5. Cabins
6. Chores
7. Ride Share info
8. Bringing the fun! (tell us you'll bring a fun activity)
9. T-Shirt information (color, size, quantity)
10. The Nerdly Code (whereby you agree to behave while at camp)
11. Waiver and Release of Liability
12. Emergency Contact(s)
13. Anti-Harassment Policy
14. Site Travel Waiver for Minors (free-range kids)
15. Anything else we should know?
16. Want to help make Nerdly happen?
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What is your full legal name? *
What name do you prefer to be called? (This is the name that we will print on your name badge.)
What are your pronouns? (We will have stickers available that you can, and should, add to your name tag.) *
Do you have any allergies that we should be aware of? If so, please describe what we can do in an emergency (for example, do you keep an Epi pen in your pocket?):
If we have any questions, the best way to contact you is to: *
Are you registering for more than one person (partner, spouse, child)? *
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