School Reopening Survey
Worcester Central School's Reopening Task Force continues to meet to discuss the plans for our return to school in September. Governor Cuomo has required schools to submit three plans by the end of July. He will announce his decision on reopening schools during the first week of August. As we develop our plans we would appreciate your input. Please complete the short survey below. Of course, we will have to follow any state and county mandates related to reopening. Thank you for your feedback.
I would prefer the following in September
If we are unable to return to school my biggest concerns are: (check all that apply)
If students attend school in-person, what are you most concerned about? (Check all that apply)
My Middle/High School student is responsible for caring for an Elementary age sibling?
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If my child returns to the school building in September I will....
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Do you currently subscribe to or could you subscribe to a cable or satellite internet company at home and have the ability of video conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, ect.) and or streaming Video (Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, ect.)?
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