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Thanks for your interest in hosting a Learn-to-Play! Once you sign up to facilitate a Learn-to-Play, I will contact you to be a collaborator on a sign-up sheet. I will be promoting the Learn-to-Plays in general but feel free to promote your own Learn-to-Play on Facebook or email if you'd like! It is up to you to remind people who have signed up for your Learn to Play about costs, equipment, etc. (see in guidelines below). If you have trouble accessing your sign-up sheet please let me know.

To ensure that everyone is keeping within the philosophy of inclusiveness, guidelines are presented below.

The objective of Learn-to-Play is for those with extensive experience in a particular sport or activity to lead a session (or multiple sessions) for those who have absolutely no experience or knowledge of this particular sport or activity. The overall goal is to boost confidence and hopefully participation in these activities.

Please include the following when making your Learn-to-Play session:

1. In advance (2-3 days minimum prior to Learn-to-Play session) - send out location and time as well as instructions regarding attire, equipment people should bring or rent, and any other instructions that will help people come prepared to a particular Learn-to-Play session. If there is a cost associated with this activity, please send out reminders re: cost.
2. Short explanation of the rules, demonstration of technique, or any other important aspect(s) of the sport or activity at the beginning of the Learn-to-Play.
3. Get people moving! Make sure everyone gets a chance to try the activity/technique.
4. Please remember that these sessions are for absolute beginners – please ensure each session is as inclusive as possible!
5. Have fun ☺
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