LEH 353 – Module 03 - Thematic Elements
In the context of film analysis, theme refers to the unifying central concern of the film, the special focus that unifies the work. These questions will help you organize your thoughts about theme in the context of the film you have just watched.
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Primary Focus
What is this film’s primary focus: plot, emotional effect or mood, character, style or texture or structure, or ideas? This can be difficult to tell at times, so just do your best to determine what the primary focus seems to be in your opinion. On the basis of your decision, answer one of these questions:
1.)If the film’s primary concern is plot, summarize the action abstractly in a single sentence or a short paragraph.
2.)If you feel that the film is structured around a mood or emotional effect, describe the mood or feeling that it attempts to convey.
3.)If the film’s focus is on a single unique character, describe the unusual aspects of his or her personality.
4.)If the film seems to be built upon a unique style or texture or structure, describe the qualities that contribute to the special look or feel of the film.
5.)If the film’s primary focus is an idea, answer these questions:
a.)What is the true subject of the film? What is it really about in abstract terms? Identify the abstract subject in a single word or phrase.
b.)What statement does the film make about the subject? Formulate a sentence that accurately summarizes the idea dramatized by the film.
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