EwA Citizen Science Volunteer Interest Application
Join a knowledgeable and caring community. Climate science & Biodiversity science need you, your skills, and the information that you can collect. 🌟 The good news is that you can really make a difference!

👥 We build, develop, and evolve our ecological projects together with you, bridging communities, domains, and expertise. Projects’ observations and documentation follow standardized or harmonized protocols and get uploaded to global platforms so that the information can be shared, used and compared between organizations and countries. The global platforms that we use include iNaturalist, Nature’s Notebook, Caterpillars Count and eBird. We also partner with professional scientists to achieve common local goals.

🏵️ Skills? We will match your skills with ours - we will train you! Our citizen scientists gain incredible expertise with us: we coach our volunteers so that we can reach maximum personal & team satisfaction while ensuring quality data and processes. In short, we value our people and their contribution, and we make our data count!

EwA's ecological studies include:
■ 🍃 Phenology—monitoring seasonal cycles of plants and animals (Locations: the Middlesex Fells, Spring Hill and the Growing Center in Somerville)
■ 🦋 Insect (& pollinator) diversity mapping and abundance study (Locations: Somerville, Cambridge, Belmont, and the Middlesex Fells)
■ 🌿 Invasive plants mapping (Location: the Middlesex Fells)
■ 🐸 Vernal pool habitat documentation (Location: the Middlesex Fells)
■ 🐾 General biodiversity mapping (Location: Anywhere)
■ 💩 Biological pollution documentation—Fells dog poop mapping (Location: the Middlesex Fells)

ⓘ About EwA Citizen Science Program » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-citizen-science | ⓘ EwA Projects Skills & Time Requirements Details » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-citsci-skills-time-reqs

You can join any project that interests you! Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering with Earthwise Aware and someone from our organization will reach out to you.

Thanks from the EwA Citizen Science team!
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Pick any of the studies that you to desire contribute to, at any location of your choice below ↓
ⓘ EwA Projects Skills & Time Requirements » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-citsci-skills-time-reqs | ⓘ About EwA Citizen Science Program » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-citizen-science
Middlesex Fells Reservation (Winchester + Medford, MA)
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Fresh Pond Reservoir (Cambridge, MA)
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Mass Audubon Habitat (Belmont, MA)
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Community Growing Center (Somerville, MA)
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Do you have an ecological/naturalist project that you wish to share with us? Go ahead, if there is a match and we have the capacity, we'll work together at getting your project off the ground!
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