Software Design and Robotics Programs Grant Application
District Innovation and Venture Center (DIVC), the nonprofit parent organization behind Holberton School in New Haven, has partnered with Milestone C to provide groundbreaking STEM programs along with teacher training and support to Connecticut-based high schools at no cost. This will be made possible through a grant from DIVC / Holberton School New Haven.

The grant provides funding to implement the Software Design & Integration and Robotics & Automated Systems programs for an entire school year.

Please fill out the below application by March 27, 2020 to be considered for grant funding to implement Milestone C's programs for the 2020 - 2021 school year.
General High School Information
Please provide the following information for the high school you want to be considered for the Software Design and Robotics Programs Grant.
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School District *
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High School Website *
Primary Contact Information
Please provide the contact information for the individual who would be working with Milestone C to implement the program at your high school if you are selected for the grant.
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Program Interest
Please share the programs, and quantity, you'd be interested in implementing for the 2020 / 2021 school year.

Software Design and Integration (SDI) is a lighting-paced course that introduces students to how corporate software projects are developed, managed, integrated, and fielded. Students establish a solid foundation in software development principles, while gaining a big-picture understanding of interface management and the engineering process at large.

Robotics and Automated Systems (RAS) features state-of-the-art technologies to rapidly propel students from foundational topics into articulation, feedback loops, automation, and other advanced concepts. Students’ critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills will also be tested at various stages throughout the program.
Which programs are you interested in implementing? *
If you selected, ONLY Robotics & Automated Systems, how many sessions of this program are you interested in implementing?
Do you feel there is a demand for / interest in tech-related programming like this among parents and students? *
How many students would you expect to participate in these programs, if available? *
What grade(s) are interested in implementing the programs for? *
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