Salat ul-Jummah Registration for Al-Hidaya Center
This form is for registering for Salat ul-Jummah at Al-Hidaya Center.
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Rules Regarding Salat ul-Jummah
Please read the below rules carefully before proceeding:

1. There will be two Salat ul-Jummahs held in Al-Hidaya Center.

2. The first Jummah will be held at 1:00pm and the second Jummah will be held at 2:00pm.

3. Salat ul-Jummah attendance is by registration only. No Exceptions.

4. Using this form, persons are allowed to register only once. Multiple registrations will disqualify you from attending Salat ul-Jummah.

5. This form shall be used to sign yourself up only, for families each member wishing to attend must also fill out this from.

6. In this form, you must pick your preferred Salat ul-Jummah (1:15pm or 2:15pm).

7. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to attend the Salat ul-Jummah, therefore, if you have attended a Salat ul-Jummah once, your name will be added to the end of the queue of registrants and you will receive a notification for attendance after everyone who registered attends a Salat ul-Jummah.

8. Everyone who is allowed to attend Salat ul-Jummah will be notified by text message and will be asked to confirm their attendance.

9. If you haven’t received a text message for your attendance, that means your name will be rolled into next week.

10. You will be asked to provide identification verifying your identity at the door of the masjid. You cannot attend the Salat ul-Jummah if you fail to provide identification or if your name is not on the list – No Exceptions.

11. You cannot substitute for someone else. No Exceptions.

12. If you are under 14, you cannot attend Salat ul-Jummah during these restricted times.

13. The number of people attending prayer will not exceed 250 including the Imam. (This limit will be reassessed as time goes on.)

14. Salat ul-Jummah will be held in the lobby only for the first week – Musallah is closed to the public. This is to reduce the areas that need to be disinfected after each salah. We will revisit this decision and may expand to musallah in the following weeks.

15. All restrooms, wudu area and other rooms in the masjid will be locked. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MAKE WUDU AT HOME. This is to reduce the areas that need to be disinfected after each Salah.

16. There will be clearly marked areas in the lobby for people to stand and pray. Everyone must be in one of these designated areas.

17. The masjid will open its doors 30 minutes before the prayer. Please do not come earlier than 30 minutes before Salat.

18. Brothers will enter the masjid from brother’s entrance and exit from the brother’s side door exit.

19. Sisters will enter the masjid from the sister's entrance and exit from the sister’s side door exit.

20. Everyone will leave 15 minutes after the prayer is over after which masjid doors will be closed

21. At all times, when you are on Al-Hidaya premises, you are expected to adhere to rules set forth by the management. Any violations will result in removal from the Salat ul-Jummah rotation.

22. Filling out this form and registering does not guarantee a spot on Salat ul-Jummah. Attendance is based on capacity and order of registration.
I understand and agree with the above statements. (Typing yes below indicates that you agree to adhere to above statements and you agree to release Al-Hidaya of any liability for any injuries or Covid19 related illnesses sustained by participating in Salawat) *
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