CPG Grant Application
This application form is an alternative to the primary form hosted in the CPG Community in the gov.NEAR forum. We will repost submissions here to the forum for discussion, unless instructed to do otherwise.
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Project Name
How should we refer to your project?
What problems do you aim to solve? How does it serve our mission of a user-owned internet with more privacy and self-sovereignty?
Project Overview
What solution are you providing? Who will it serve?
What are the components or technical specs of the project? What will the final deliverable look like? How will you measure success?
Budget and Milestones
What grant amount are you seeking? How long do you estimate that the project will take in hours? If the project is nontrivial, please break down the project into milestones, with a clear output (e.g., low-fi mockup, MVP with two features) and include the estimated work hours for each milestone.
Who is building this? What relevant experience do you bring to this project? Please share links to previous work. Are there skill sets you are missing that you are seeking from the community?
What dependencies or obstacles do you anticipate? What contingency plans do you have in place?
Community and Supporting Materials
Do you have previous projects, code commits, or experience that are relevant to this project and proposal? What community feedback or input have you received? How do you plan to share your plan and updates with the community as you proceed?
Is your project open source? How do you plan to license it?
Contact Details
What is your handle on Matrix and have you joined our community channel https://app.element.io/#/room/#cypherpunkguild:matrix.org?
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