NIMML Undergraduate Scholars Program (USP) Spring 2019
The goal of this internship is to create an undergraduate research program that prepares students for graduate school and future careers by providing training in the biotech translational research conducted at NIMML. The NIMML's research is based on precision medicine approaches and aims towards developing safer and more effective innovative therapeutics for human diseases that will impact in patients’ lives.

Life Sciences:
Students will gain experience with the hands-on experimental facets of NIMML in the areas of immune, infectious and chronic diseases and can experience working directly with ongoing NIMML projects. These areas will provide training ranging from general laboratory education to technical skill and research development. Training opportunities include learning techniques and developing experimental designs in one or more of the following areas- molecular, microbiology, proteomics, chemistry, immunology, animal models, and computational immunology.

Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Modeling and Data Analytics:
Students will gain experience with the software development and informational technology facets of NIMML. The software development aspect will encompass modern project planning approaches, methods and tools for building and extending bioinformatics and computational modeling tools and pipelines to promote novel data analysis. The information technology aspect will include server management, networking, and computer troubleshooting/installation to support end user interaction with the NIMML software library.

Information regarding NIMML research can be found here: Also, subscribe to NIMML's newsletter (News SignUp - top right in NIMML homepage at to be up to date with NIMML's latest research findings.

Before beginning this application, you will need to:

1. Review the research of the faculty below at and determine your top 3 potential faculty mentors.

-Josep Bassaganya-Riera
-Raquel Hontecillas
-Vida Abedi

2. Create a resume or C.V. in PDF format. Label the file as: Lastname_Firstname_CV

3. Draft a ~200 word description of your research interest in the areas of the faculty you select.

4. Write a ~125 word description of your academic and career goals and how this program will help you achieve those goals.

5. Develop a list of any research experiences, with a brief description of your role in the project, average weekly hours committed, over what period of time, and with what product(s).


The application will close January 31st, 2019 at 1:00PM. However, applications will be reviewed and positions will be filled on a rolling basis. Applicants who are selected will need to complete paperwork as soon as possible.

Please contact if you have questions.


- Virginia Tech undergraduate or recent graduate (within one semester)
- Interest in research conducted in NIMML
- Able to work well with a team in a fast paced environment
- Additional requirements will be provided upon acceptance

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