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LAPD Chief Michael Moore: Fire 49-year-old LAPD cop Frank Hernandez Serial No. 33850

A violent incident occurred on April 27, 2020 in Boyle Heights by two LAPD Hollenbeck police station officers, one of which was Frank Hernandez, the other a woman officer. The officers responded to a radio call about a trespassing suspect near the Church of God of the Prophecy, located at the 2400 block of Houston Street.

A video which has now gone viral, shows the unnamed victim being arrested, his hands behind his back, not resisting. Without warning, officer Hernandez suddenly begins to repeatedly punch the victim in the head and upper body. Hernandez’s partner simply watches as Hernandez punches and verbally accosts the victim. Hernandez’s partner then calls for backup.

Afterwards, Hernandez restrains the victim and continues to threaten to punch the victim again. Witnesses approach after more LAPD officers arrive at the scene. These officers begin to assist in the arrest of the victim who was never resisting. Hernandez is seen and heard yelling at the witnesses, “Get inside! He’s the most friendly guy. He ***ing attacked me! Hey! Get inside NOW! You’re not police! Get inside!” and annoyingly dismisses them with his hand.

The unnamed suspect was released from custody from LAPD Hollenbeck police station pending further investigation, and Officer Hernandez has been assigned to home duty. An LAPD statement said that under the direction of the Chief of LAPD Michael Moore, Hernandez will be investigated by the department’s Force Investigation Division. Yes, they will once again investigate themselves.

On May 5, 2020 Chief of LAPD Michael Moore released a statement in response to social media outcry over the Boyle Heights incident. “I intend to… hold individuals accountable for behavior that is inconsistent with the high standards [of the LAPD],” said Moore. We demand Chief of LAPD Michael Moore fire officer Frank Hernandez. His track record alone proves he is a menace to society and in particular a menace to Boyle Heights. Hernandez has been involved in past shootings and the killing of Manuel Jamines, a Guatemalan day laborer in September 2010, in the Pico Union area of Ramparts LAPD.
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