Military Personnel
1. Are you permanent vs temporary? (circle one) If permanent please complete the appropriate resident survey too.
2. Are you associated with Camp Graying, or Alpena CTRC, or both? (circle one)
3. I feel welcome in the surrounding community?
4. The surrounding communities support the military base and its functions?
5. I have been able to find adequate housing in the area.
6. I have been able to find adequate schools in the area.
7. I have been able to find adequate childcare in the area.
8. I have been able to find adequate healthcare in the area.
9. I have been able to find adequate entertainment in the area.
10. I have been able to find adequate commercial outlets for my shopping needs for such items as groceries or other supplies/goods.
11. The land use controls (regulations and zoning to reduce risk to human health and the environment) in the surrounding communities appear to be protective of the military base mission.
12. How would you rate your agreement with this statement: Coordination/communication between Camp Grayling and local communities facilitates an efficient flow of traffic.
13. Have you ever participated in a military sponsored community event? Chose one Yes - Which one(s) [please tell us in the other section] ? No
14. Would you like to receive updates on the JLUS process? If so please leave us your name, email or address.
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