W21 Community Coaching Schedule
Where? ZOOM! AT: https://zoom.us/my/wwuentr

3:30-4 Coach welcome and orientation
4-6pm Class time: pitches and time to provide feedback for students.

What? A whole lot of fun! While specific entrepreneurship and innovation experience is a plus, what is most important is that you work to help the students grow as entrepreneurial and innovative people who are working to discover themselves and how they can impact the world around them. Your unique experiences, whatever they are, will be of great benefit!

As many of you know, we have six levels of students in our program. You will get the opportunity to work with multiple levels. To do this well, you will need to determine where the students are in the process and meet them at that place with your coaching and feedback.

The multiple opportunities below open the doors for you to be part of the ongoing development rather than a 'judge'. It is really about coaching!

Opportunities to Coach (community and alumni coaches):

3/3: E1& E4 pitch day!
Watch final pitches and provide developmental feedback for introductory and intermediate students

3/8: E2, E3, E5-E6 pitch day!
Watch final pitches and provide developmental feedback for intermediate and advanced students

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3/3: Quarters 1 & 4
3/8: Quarters 2, 3, 5&6
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Via Zoom
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