PSU Co-Sponsorship Form 2016-17
If your club, organization, or even you as an individual, has an event that fits within our mission statement and wants outside perspectives and input on framing, securing speakers, funding, etc., we hope that you can reach out to us. This year, I envision the cosponsor process not simply as a means to an end, but as a process that can enrich and improve the events that will be organized this year by increasing dialogue even during the event-planning process. I believe it is crucial for the organizations on campus to work in tandem and to support one another, and I really hope that co-sponsorships will contribute to this.

How the co-sponsorship process works:
1. Submit this form.
2. I will review it, and if it seems like an appropriate event for the PSU, I will reach out to you to speak with the general board at the next meeting.
3. You will present at the meeting, and the PSU as a whole will vote on whether we feel co-sponsorship would be a good idea or not.
4. Yay! Thus the journey begins. You and I can meet for a meal, coffee, or whatever and start setting goals and expectations for each other and for the collaboration. Throughout the process, we will keep in touch.
5. Put on an awesome event!

FMI: (Audrey Jang, Vice President of Outreach)

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Event description (potential/confirmed speakers, event type, budget, date, etc.)
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This is Pomona Student Union's mission statement: “The Pomona Student Union is a nonpartisan student-run organization committed to increasing the level of honest and open dialogue on campus; we challenge assumptions and present a multiplicity of perspectives through speeches, discussions, and debates on important issues.” Does your event fit into this statement, whatever your interpretation of it is? What unknown or new perspectives are being brought to light?
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What particular aspects of the event planning process would you like to collaborate on?
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Are you able to come share your idea for cosponsorship at a PSU meeting on the next Sunday between 11:30 and 12:30 p.m.?
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