2021 Spring Worship Survey
As Holy Communion begins to contemplate the return to "in person" worship and gathering, we need to engage our whole congregation, to assess our needs. We are asking everyone to include their name. The clergy and vestry will all have access to responses as we plan. We may wish to follow up with some folks for further clarity.
Your name *
How soon are you hoping to worship in person? *
Knowing that Holy Communion is working to approach this slowly, and in consultation with our membership: what are your thoughts about returning for worship in person? (Please feel free to reflect concerns/hopes).
Knowing that worship will not look or "feel" the same as it did before the pandemic (we will have masking, registration requirements, and the bishop's office requires all volunteers to be vaccinated etc.) are there certain practices which you are hoping to see in place? Are there certain parts of worship you don't want to "compromise?"
Have you attended one of our outdoor services (in the parking lot or in the park)? *
If you have attended, what has worked well? What hasn't worked? (Is 4pm a good time? Do you like the park better than the car or vice-versa? etc.) If you haven't attended an outdoor service: is there a reason? (you've felt uncomfortable? The time? etc.) *
How important is receiving Eucharist to your decision to worship in person? *
I'm not sure I would be comfortable receiving Eucharist yet.
Very important. I will only come to a service with Eucharist.
Could you share a little bit more about your response to Eucharist? (Or anything else you'd like us to know as we plan).
Two more general questions about the church going forward:
The following questions ask you to think more broadly about who we are becoming as a church. We know that we won't get to the just and liberated future God dreams about by simply going back to the way we were doing things in 2019. We can't promise that your answer will automatically result in a new program or a change, but we still want to hear the big ideas. We want to know about the church you are dreaming we can be together.
Is there anything you would like to "leave behind" as we take steps forward as a church? (This could be something from the Covid times or something about how we operated before 2020)
What is something from the past year that you would like to carry forward? (Online worship? Zoom Small groups? etc).
Does your household include children, that you bring to church? (If so, there are 3 additional questions for you) *
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