Service Business Owner's Quiz
Hey thanks for your time, this won't take long at all I promise.

I'm currently building out the site with FREE content to help you market and grow your business. The information you share here will form and direct the focus of the new material so don't hold back, what ever you're struggling with lay it out here.

Many thanks. - Larry

1. What's Your Full Name?
2. What is your best email address?
3. What's your business name?
4. How long are you in business?
5. What's your biggest frustration?
If you had a magic wand, name the one thing that you would you fix in your business today and why
6. How many employees in your business?
How many people do you work with, (including sub-contractors/freelancers etc)
7. Do you have a business plan?
Any kind of plan be it hand written, back of a napkin or otherwise
8. What area of business are you in?
What services are you selling (or planning to sell)?
9. What topic most interests you?
What one thing do you want to make progress on?
10. Let me know a little more
Can you elaborate on the last question? Let me know what's buggin you.
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