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How long have you been in business? *
What are the beginning and ending dates for your company's fiscal year? *
How do you want to track your books? *
Are your business tax returns current? *
What is the last year taxes were filed for? *
Assets and Liabilities matches last filed tax return (Schedule L) *
Capital Accounts and Retained Earnings match Schedule K, M-1, M-2 on last filed tax return *
How many business accounts do you have?
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Business Credit Card
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With which institutions do you have your business accounts? *
Do you use business online banking? *
Do you keep your personal expenses separate from your business accounts? *
Do you have business bank loans? If so, with which institution and are there any covenants? *
Do you have equipment leases? *
Do you have car leases? *
Do you track or want to track income and expenses by a specific segment/location/division of your business? If so, what tracking categories?
Do you track or want to track all direct expenses related to a customer or project?
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Last completed financial statements date *
Do you have your bank reconcilations for the last month that have been done? *
Books Closed? *
Describe your company's accounting system. Do you use a computerized platform (like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Excel, or any other apps (for example, Point of Sales - please list all of them), manual ledgers? *
What is the cost of ALL the technologies you are currently using internally for your accounting/payroll needs?  Do you feel you are getting the most return for that investment? *
What are your streams of revenue? *
Do you use any apps for your revenue transactions and how is your revenue getting recorded into your accounting system?  
What is your annual sales turnover of your company? *
Do you invoice your customers? If so, how do you prepare your invoices and on average, how many per month? *
Do you collect sales tax? If so, which states and do you file sales tax monthly, quarterly or annually and are you up to date? *
If not, what type of activities are you engage in in which you are not sure whether or not you should be collecting sales tax? *
Do you pay sales commissions (based on volume, profit and/or other)? *
Do you pay any other performance bonuses based on financial results? *
What are your current assets? *
Do you have inventory? If so, how do you manage or track it? *
How do you pay your bills?
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Manual checks
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Online bill pay
Credit Card
Debit Card
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Who is in charge of paying bills and making deposits? *
On average, how many bills you pay per month? *
How do you manage/organize supported documentation that give rise to the transactions? *
Do you have employees and/or subcontractors? If so, how many of each: salaried vs hourly? How do you keep track of their time? *
What payroll system do you use *
Does your company have written policies and procedures? *
If so, can you provide a copy?
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Have you worked with other accounting professionals in the past? Who?
If so, what kind of work have they done? *
What did you like from those previous professional services? *
What did you dislike? *
How often do you expect to have a conversation with your accountant? *
How fast do you expect a call back or e-mail response from your accountant? *
How often do you need to review financial reports (and feel a high level of confidence that the numbers are as accurate as possible including bank and credit card accounts reconciled, customer and vendor balances accurate, and/or inventory valuation is accurate)? *
Do you have a Budget? If so, how often do you monitor Actual vs. Budget Reports? *
Do you expect your accountant to be available to engage with conversations with 3rd parties such as Tax Preparers, Investors, Bankers/Lenders, Vendors, Customer, and/or Government entities and/or prepare special reports or provide written explanations or affirmations of your financial reports? *
How do you envision your perfect accountant? *
How many hours per week do you estimate the work will take? *
What are your goals for your business in the next six (6) months? For example: increasing no. of customers or market share; increasing revenue per customer (increasing prices or cross-selling more products/services); increasing the number of employees or increasing the effectiveness of current employees without hiring new ones and/or promote certain key employees to take a leadership role; improving the quality of the products or services / improve the brand recognition through quality. *
What are your goals for your business in the next five (5) years? For example: have access to credit from banks or major suppliers and increase the value of the business for selling it or bring investors. *
Please include any other information about your specific needs that will help us better understand your business.
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