East Tennessee End-Of-Summer Academic Party Team Registration
This form is specifically for teams registering for the East Tennessee End-Of-Summer Academic Party, a short but intense academic quiz tournament to be held at the Meen Center at Tusculum University on the morning/early afternoon of August 4, 2018.

Every blank should be self-explanatory. Please indicate if you have a staffer who is working the tournament representing your team, and if you will be able to bring buzzers. Fees will be assessed when you complete your registration.

I am extending every group seeing this post text-message rights. My cell number is 706-409-2741. If you have an immediate question, don't hesitate to text. Email and other messaging schemes might get some less immediate responses.

Thanks for your patience with this process. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.

Is this a new registration, or a revision of a registration you've already made? *
Note: if ANY MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM registered previously under different terms, you are "Revising a previous registration."
Please make sure you check the right option above.
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Give your team name (your single institution or other team name - clarify if not obvious). Leave this blank if you're a free agent or willing to take on free agents.
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Player 1/Captain name OR free agent name *
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Player 2 name
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Player 3 name
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Player 4 name
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(If more than four players for your team, please contact Pearson, who will give you more explicit instructions on how to register.)
If you have a staffer representing your team for a discount on fees, name that staffer here; if you don't, just say "none." *
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Are you bringing buzzers? *
We're running a trash singles tournament later that Saturday afternoon; no teams, every player for themselves. Are your players going to play this tournament? *
If you said SOME of your players would play the trash singles: which players WILL play trash?
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Who's the best person to contact on the morning of the tournament if there are any issues? *
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Tell me the best way to contact that person on that morning. (Give a cell number, a Facebook profile, or a Twitter handle.) *
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Once again, thank you for filling this out.
I look forward to seeing you on August 4th!

- pearson

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