BAM Instructor Request Form
Please fill this out if you'd like to hire a BAM or BAM-affiliated instructor for one of your events.

It is fine to ask for unpaid work, but it will narrow down who is available. If you can compensate with food, drink, gift cards, etc., you may mention that under the question of pay.

If there are other circumstances the instructor should know of in advance, mention them at the end of the survey. Common examples include a dress code or the venue always being cold. Please also tell us if they should prepare accommodations for students with learning, sensory, or mobility disabilities.
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What's your name and how will we contact you? Give email and/or phone number. *
What is the event?
When is the event? *
When do you want the lesson(s)? Give a window or, preferably, specific start/end times. *
Where is the event? (include city, neighborhood) *
How many instructors do you want? *
Around how many people will attend the lesson? *
Does the instructor need to bring their own equipment to play music? *
What is the hourly pay per instructor?
If the event is serving food, would the instructor have access to snacks or a meal?
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Around how big is the dance floor?
What is the dancing surface? (e.g. wood, carpet, concrete)
What dances would you be interested in having taught? If any dance is fine, check "any" at the top of the list. *
Anything else we should know?
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