Technology Forecasting Survey
This questionnaire is intended to gain feedback on the potential value of technology forecasting and understand what the overall needs and attitudes are among the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Community for technology forecasting.
This poll is voluntary and anonymous. Your answers will be aggregated into one or more assessments of the value of Technology Trends Forecasting. No personal information will be collected or derived from poll responses. If you agree to contribute to this research, please click YES below
What type of organisation do you represent?
What is your role in the organisation?
Do you see technology forecasting as a valuable activity?
Do you think there is a need for Technology Forecasting in the following?
What are you looking for in Technology Forecasting?
Do you have any thoughts of the best approach to technology forecasting?
What are the web-sites that you feel are most interesting in following tech trends?
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What journals do you use to watch technology?
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What measures do you review of Technology Availability
Do you consider technology Readiness Level (TRL) as valuable?
Do you consider technology forecasting as viable?
Do you think the idea of conceptualising technology development is valid/Useful?
Do you think a better understanding of technologies which might affect DWGs is useful?
Is there anything you particularly feel is relevant to this debate? Further opinions, considerations, ideas, examples etc. Please feel free to elaborate...
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What geographic area do you come from (this list is derived from the OGC forums)?
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