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Parent/Student Bus Contract

Princeton ISD provides bus service to and from school for eligible students who reside in the district. This service is provided at State Expense and is offered as a courtesy to eligible students who wish to avail themselves of the service. Eligible students are defined by state statue as those residing in the district at least two miles from the school they should attend, as measured by the nearest practical route. The nearest practical route is the nearest traveled public road, which may or may not be the road used by the school bus.
In order to meet the conditions outlined by state and provide safe and efficient transportation of eligible students, the transportation department has adopted standard rules and regulations and has provided restrictive measures for violation of the rules. ​School principals are responsible for students attending their schools who violate these rules and regulations. ​Students riding the bus to and from school are considered under the jurisdictions of school authorities from the time they arrive at the bus stop in the morning until they leave the bus stop in the afternoon. The bus driver is charged with the responsibility of proper conduct on the school bus and must take the necessary steps to maintain order, just as a teacher would maintain discipline in his or her classroom. These rules are listed for your information and for the guidance of your child...

Rules and regulations:
1. Students will not disrespect or refuse to cooperate with the driver.
2. Students will not be able to get off the bus at other stops without a written note
from Parent and signed by the Principal.
3. Students will sit in assigned seat and will not refuse others a seat.
4. Students will stay seated at all times while on the bus.
5. Students will not throw or shoot articles within the bus or out the bus windows.
6. Students will not have any part of their body out the bus windows.
7. Students will not yell, scream, or whistle, nor will they play music without the use
of headphones.
8. Scuffling, fighting, and the use of obscene, vulgar, or profane language are
9. Students will not bring any firearms, fireworks, knives, or animals on the bus.
10. Students will not carry lighters, matches, or tobacco in any form on the bus.
11. Students can’t carry instruments on the bus that take up a seat on the bus. It must fit in your lap safely.
12. Students will never cross behind a school bus.
13. Students will need to fill out the information form and return it to the driver within
3 days.
14. Students will be assigned a seat and will be responsible for that seat. Any damage
to the seat will be charged to that student.
15. Princeton ISD is not responsible for articles left on the school bus.

Message to the Parents:
You can be of great assistance in providing safe and effective transportation for your children if you will (1) cooperate in every way with the school administration and your bus driver; and (2) accept joint responsibility with school officials for maintaining proper conduct of your children while they are involved in various phases of school transportation. You know the safety rules and we hope you will encourage your child to know them and obey them. You can also set an example for your child by your own safety-mindfulness behind the wheel. ​Video cameras may be used on buses to promote compliance with the rules and regulations.

Message to the students:
Safety is the key to the whole program, and you are the most important member. You can do your part if you will learn the bus safety rules, obey the driver, and exercise self-discipline by always doing what is right and without having to be reminded. In return, the driver will do his or her best to deal with you fairly while keeping his/her eyes primarily on the road in order to transport you to and from school as quickly, safely, and as close to schedule as possible.
If you need information concerning bus routes, call the Transportation Department 469-952-5400 Ext# 2078, or email rwayman@princetonisd.net.
If you need information concerning student misconduct on buses, you should call the student’s school.
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