Medsin Spring General Assembly 2017 Submission Form

Welcome to the submission form for the Medsin Spring General Assembly 2017, taking place in Newcastle on the April 29th-30th.

The deadline for all submissions is Thursday 6th April at 12 midnight.

This form has been created for you to submit one of the following:
(For multiple submissions please simply submit the entire form again for each submission type.)

1) Chair of the General Assembly

Applications for:
2) National Committee (all positions available)
3) Agenda Committee (three electable positions available)

Proposals for:
5) Hosting MAW17, SGA18
6) Hosting National Conference 17, Global Health Conference 18
7) Leading a National Coordinated Theme

8) Guidance statements
9) Policy statements
10) Bylaw change / addition
11) Constitution change / addition

12) Conference
13) International
14) Other

Further details on any of the above opportunities can be found at [UPDATE SHORT LINK]

1) via this Google form, AS WELL AS
2) a Word document (NOT PDF) emailed to
- using this TEMPLATE (
- with file name saved as SGA17_Type_Submission Name.doc
- with email subject line as [SGA17][Type][Submission Name]

Type of motion should be coded:
- for applications: NC, AC
- for proposals: MAW17, NC17, GHC18, SGA18
- for motions: PS, GS, BL, CON
- for reports: REP

-- Timeline --
1) The deadline for submission is at 12 MIDNIGHT on THURSDAY 6th APRIL.
2) All submissions will be reviewed by the Agenda Committee by 10th April for:
- adherence to the word limit,
- accessibility and
- any possible contradictions to existing governance
3) All submissions will be compiled into the Voting Pack, to be circulated to all Voting Members by Friday 14th April.
4) All submissions will be voted upon at the General Assembly on 29th and 30th April. It is recommended that the applicant/proposer attends the GA to present and debate their candidature/motion in person.

The Agenda Committee does not have the power to reject submissions, however, it may recommend amendments based on the above review criteria.

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