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Graduate Tracer Survey

Dear Bridgetines:

Please complete this Graduate Tracer Survey as accurately as possible. Your answer will be of great help in tracing our graduates and knowing the impact of our program in your personal and professional lives.
Your answer to this survey will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

A. General Information
1. First Name *
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Middle Name *
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Surname *
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2. Permanent Address
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3. Email Address
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4. Facebook Account
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5. Contact Numbers
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6. Sex
7. Civil/Marital Status
8. Birthday
B. Educational Background
9. Year Graduated in the High School Department *
10. Course Taken / Presently enrolled
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11. College, University or Center attended / College, University or Center Presently enrolled
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12. Reasons for taking the course or pursuing the degree.
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13. Professional Examination/s Passed:
Name of Examination - Date Taken
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14. Advanced Studies Attended after College
Please list down advance studies you have attended after college. (Advanced Study - Credits/Units Earned - Institutional/College/University
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15. What made you pursue advance studies?
C. Employment Data
16. Are you presently employed?
If Yes, proceed to question 18. If No or Never Employed, proceed to question 17.
17. Please state reason/s why you are not yet employed.
You may check more than one answer.
18. Present Occupation
(example: Grade School Teacher, Self-employed, Owns a Business, Private Practice)
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19. Name of Company or Organization including address
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20. Place of work
21. What is the job level of your position?
22. Present employment status.
23. What were your reasons for accepting the job?
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24. What are the reason/s for staying on the job?
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25. Is your present job related to the course you took up in college?
26. How did you find your present job?
Comments and Suggestions:
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Thank you very much for taking time answering this survey. Please update us with your latest whereabouts by contacting us thru phone: (043) 702-1120 or email: . We will be glad to hear more from you.
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