Kendrick Lakes Elementary PTA Volunteers
The Kendrick Lakes Elementary Parent Teacher Association offers many fun, educational, advocacy, community engaging, and student/family centered activities through out the entire year. We need volunteers to give their time to continue to make all of these activities happen. Please let us know how you can help the KLES PTA continue to make Kendrick Lakes Elementary a school where parents, teachers, and students thrive in school and the community. Below are several different options of ways that you can volunteer to help our PTA.
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I would be interested in being a room parent for my student's class? This means I would help organize 3 class parties and help to distribute PTA information to my student's class.
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I would be willing to be a Team Leader or Co-team leader for one of these committees.
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I am willing to help, but not interested in any of the positions above!
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Please give us your contact information if you are willing to volunteer. (email is listed above we would appreciate your phone number) *
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