Coastal Issues
Head to the aquarium and research the issues that coastal regions face in each of the following areas: South Pacific, Coral Reefs, Amazon Basin, Jellys, Shark Tunnel. Read the signage and make a list of all of the issues brought up in each of the different areas. List them below, and then choose to research further (create a google doc that can be shared). On your further examined issue be sure to include the "where is it happening?" "Why is it happening there?" and "Why should we care?"
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Issues related to South Pacific:
Issues related to Coral Reefs:
Issues related to Amazon Basin:
Issues related to Jellyfish:
Issues related to Shark Tunnel:
Complete a good doc info sheet about one of the issues highlighted above that answers the "where?" "Why there?" and "Why should we care?" about the issue. Paste the url below. *
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