Best of LMMS: Volume 7
Official Submission form for BoL v7.

Submissions so far:


1. The Deadline:
- Track must be submitted by April 16th 2020 at 23:59.59 UTC using this form.

2. The Track:
- Must be produced in LMMS.
- You may use other programs for mastering and post processing.
- Must be under 10 minutes long.
- No winning tracks from previous Best of LMMS albums allowed.
- No remixes allowed.

3. The Submissions:
- You must submit using this form only.
- No more than ONE entry per artist is allowed.
- Collaborations count as ONE entry for each artist involved.
- No collaborating with judges on entries.
- Only submissions hosted on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Clyp are allowed.
- The full track should be available at the submission link provided
- Your entry must be available for listening until the end of the judging process. If not, your entry will be disqualified.

4. The Judges:
-The jury consists of: Cubician, Etorna_Z, Noeroti, Leche, Satori and Umcaruje.

5. The Judging:
- After the deadline, the judges will make their decisions and release the results within 14 days.

6. Release:
The 25 highest scoring songs will be released as an album on Bandcamp with the price of “Pay what you want”. All the received funds will be donated for further development of LMMS, the program that we love.
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