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Some of these questions will be hard.
It is my desire for the ladies of this group to experience life change. Therefore, I'm asking some hard questions to be sure you are ready to do what is required to live the life you so desperately desire to live. The simplelife journey is not an easy one, but it is the only one worth traveling. If you are ready to experience the full life Christ died for you to live, Praise God! If you aren't quite ready yet to make those hard choices to get there, my prayer is that you continue to pray for the strength and the desire to begin that journey soon. I truly believe we are running out to time to fulfill our mission on this earth.
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I know that may have been emotionally draining and I appreciate you completing all the questions in order to be considered for this very 1st simply you mentor group. I would LOVE to accept all registrations this first round but in order for this group to be most impacted, I'm keeping the number small. I will be contacting each registrant via phone or email once the group has been formed. My hope is to begin a new mentor group once our 1st one concludes. If you are not part of the 1st group, you will be placed on a Waitlist to be contacted once a date is set for the next.

Simply His,

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