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Physical wellness: Review of your health goals
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Unshakable Commitment
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Who do you know that you would love to have do this program along with you? Studies have shown that people who have accountability partners or buddies have a higher success rate then those without this kind of support and motivation.
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Individual Budget
Please watch this short video: Overview of nutrition
On average how much would you estimate that you spend for one meal? (for example: if you eat out for lunch a few times during the week, on average you are spending $10 a meal) *
On average what do you spend daily on Starbucks (coffee), gas stations, energy drinks, snacks on the go, cafeteria, etc? *
Financial Wellness: Simply everyone eats, why not earn referrals?
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How would you characterize your interest level in the business opportunity? *
Help me to understand your current mindset related to opportunity, personal finances, and your vision for the future.
Please watch this video: The Next Entrepreneur
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What would your ideal day look like if you did have to worry about time or money? Where would you be? Who would you be with? *
What is the one bill that you wish was paid in full? If none, type n/a! *
What are some short term financial goals that are important to you, and in what time frame would you like to achieve them? *
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