24h Bitcoin Fund Management by Bitcoin-Fund-Manager.com

Do not send all your coins to us. Only send us the deposit fee amount. You can keep your coins in your account. We manage your account remotely.

1. Send X% of your total funds to be managed to 1D3N3CzamdsSXDd9Nf9usjmuj1p4L3MiPh
Minimum is 10BTC (temporarily reduced from 30 BTC).

If you have 10-15 BTC, SEND 14.888%
If you have 15-30 BTC, SEND 12.888%
If you have 30-50 BTC, SEND 9.888%
if you have 50+ BTC, SEND 7.888%

2. Copy your withdrawal transaction ID (txid)

3. Fill out this form

4. We will send you another form for your API codes

5. We will invoice you every Monday for 30% of the profits we make for you

Public Performance Audit:


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Your Withdrawal Transaction ID (TxID) (fill this in after you send X% of the above amount in BTC to 1D3N3CzamdsSXDd9Nf9usjmuj1p4L3MiPh ) *
If you have questions, you can contact us here: http://bitcoin-fund-manager.com/#contact
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You'll need to send us your Public and Secret Key. We will send you instructions on how to do this shortly after you click that button. This is how to find these keys: https://youtu.be/86HIB5Li5l0
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