Billy's Big Questions!
from Billy Ward: "Your feedback will help me to cover the specific music areas that you need the most. Rest assured, everything you share here will ONLY be seen by me. I promise it will never be made public. I hope to be in touch with many of you but the responses have been beyond numerous. Ill get to this ASAP. Thank you!" -Bw
I am...
Are you...
I have studied "Big Time" and/or "Voices"
I am a pro drummer
full-time professional
I need more/better drumming technique
I'm good with what I've got
my lack of technique is holding me back
The technique that I need to improve is (independence? pain during or after playing? left hand?) Please explain in your own words:
I have issues with keeping time / tempo
No, I'm good at this
Yes, It's a huge problem for me
I'm interested in ways to play soft/add colors, such as brushes or shakers
Not at all
It's the main thing I want to learn
I'm in a rut with my drumming
No, I'm filled with new ideas
Yes, & this needs to change before I quit entirely
I need more / better gigs
No way, I can't keep up with current gigs there are so many!
My few gigs are not challenging
I want to learn how to tune drums like the pros
No - My drums always sound incredible
Yes, I worry about sound everytime the tape recorder is on
I need to learn better song memory - how the pros play with five different bands in one week (chart reading)
I have a photographic memory
This is a huge problem that I worry about
The musical style(s) that I am good at are...
The musical styles that I need to add to my playing are...
My Three biggest musical influences are...
What is the #1 thing that is holding you back?
If you've met Billy, please give details. Lesson? at a gig?
From Billy: "What did I neglect to ask about you in this questionaire that you REALLY want to share with me? Please go for it!
"Thank you again for answering all these questions! I realize it is painful to consider our shortcomings and appreciate your honest assessment of your drumming abilities. I will be in touch with many of you personally after studying your answers here, but you may feel free to reach me anytime - through Twitter at billywarddrums or Facebook at billy ward drums for faster responses" -Billy
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