Billy's Big Questions!
from Billy Ward: "I'm working on something big and your feedback will help me to cover the specific music areas that you need the most. Everything you share here will ONLY be seen by me. I promise it will never be made public. I will be in touch with many of you personally after I study your answers and comments. Thank you!" -bw
I am...
Are you...
I have studied "Big Time" and/or "Voices"
I am a pro drummer
full-time professional
I need more/better drumming technique
I'm good with what I've got
my lack of technique is holding me back
The technique that I need to improve is (independence? pain during or after playing? left hand?) Please explain in your own words:
I have issues with keeping time / tempo
No, I'm good at this
Yes, It's a huge problem for me
I'm interested in ways to play soft/add colors, such as brushes or shakers
Not at all
It's the main thing I want to learn
I'm in a rut with my drumming
No, I'm filled with new ideas
Yes, & this needs to change before I quit entirely
I need more / better gigs
No way, I can't keep up with current gigs there are so many!
My few gigs are not challenging
I want to learn how to tune drums like the pros
No - My drums always sound incredible
Yes, I worry about sound everytime the tape recorder is on
I need to learn better song memory - how the pros play with five different bands in one week (chart reading)
I have a photographic memory
This is a huge problem that I worry about
The musical style(s) that I am good at are...
The musical styles that I need to add to my playing are...
My Three biggest musical influences are...
What is the #1 thing that is holding you back?
If you've met Billy, please give details. Lesson? at a gig?
From Billy: "What did I neglect to ask about you in this questionaire that you REALLY want to share with me? Please go for it!
"Thank you again for answering all these questions! I realize it is painful to consider our shortcomings and appreciate your honest assessment of your drumming abilities. I will be in touch with many of you personally after studying your answers here, but you may feel free to reach me anytime - through Twitter at billywarddrums or Facebook at billy ward drums" -billy
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