'Our Bodies Our Voices' Storytelling Workshops Eligibility Form
This form will be used to gauge your interest and availability to participate in my doctoral research project, tentatively titled Reproducing ‘Punjabi Canada’: The Political Geographies of Reproductive Control & Justice.

For this project, I am focusing on examining the operation and impacts of certain policy interventions on the reproductive health and wellbeing of Punjabi women in Canada and exploring how and where Punjabi women in Canada are creatively asserting their reproductive rights and collectively advocating for reproductive justice.  Neither I nor the project have any political or religious affiliations; this research is part of my PhD education.

The research involves developing and facilitating creative storytelling workshops that are a total of 6 hours in length. These will take place over 1 or 2 days in the Fall of 2022. These workshops will be designed to explore, unpack, and elicit creative personal stories around issues related to reproductive control, agency, and justice among Punjabi women in Canada using story-writing prompts, individual and group reflection activities, and group discussions.

This project has been approved by the Research Ethics Office at the University of Toronto. By providing your email in this form, you are consenting to receiving further communication from me regarding your interest in this project.

Are you interested in participating in a storytelling workshop? Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with more information!

- Amrita Kumar-Ratta (she/her), PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
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