Lake Riley Adopt a Dock Volunteer Log - 2019
Thank you for joining the team to help prevent the spread of invasive mussels! Please use this form to record your observations each month. If you have any questions, contact Maya: 952-687-1348,

Invasive mussel monitoring Instructions:
1) Install your plates. Hang them from your dock, about 1 foot off the bottom. Email Maya at with your date of installation.
2) Once each month, gently lift your plates out of the water.
3) Check them visually for small, D-shaped shells.
4) Feel the surfaces gently for small, hard bumps.
5) Note your observations in this online form.
6) If possible count the number of mussels on your plate. If it is too many to count, please note that and send a photo of your plate to
7) Remove any mussels that you can count, put them in a sealed plastic bag, and throw them away. If you have too many to count, leave them on the plate, and leave your plate in the water.
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Air temperature
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Water temperature
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Any other interesting observations?
(something growing on the plates, an algae bloom, waterfowl migration, high or low water levels, a neat critter)
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Brittle Naiad: did you find something that looks like the invasive plant Brittle Naiad?
If you answer yes or maybe, please take a photo and contact Maya at the watershed district: or 952-687-1348
Invasive mussels: did you find a suspicious mussel on your plates? *
Or something that might be a mussel?
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