December 2012 Fort Lauderdale City-Wide Holiday Extravaganza Application
Before sending in an application, please read the following information:

1. <b>DATE</b> This event will be held on December 1st and 2nd, 2012. Show times will take place from 9 AM to 5 PM, each day.

2. <b>TIME</b> Vendors are required to vend on <b>both days</b> and stay for the duration of the show, as well as setup and breakdown within the allotted times. Early pack-up is NOT permitted.

3. <b>VENUE</b> The vending area will be held at The War Memorial Auditorium in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Vendor spaces will be indoors and some spaces will be outdoors, mainly reserved for green market items, vendors with extremely large items to sell or more 'garage sale' type goods. Location of vendor spaces is solely at the discretion of organizers and will be mapped out in advance.

4. <b>VENDOR FEE</b> Vendor booths will be allotted per 8 foot table space (roughly 8x3 space + room for seating). This means that each vending space fits just one table. If a vendor has additional racks or needs any additional space, they may purchase more than 1 vendor space. Prices for spaces are as follows:

- One 8 foot table space: $55 (per day).
- If purchasing multiple table spaces: $45 (per table, per day).

Chairs and tables are provided free of charge for all indoor vendors.

5. <b>SPACE AND AMENITIES</b> WI-FI is available for no additional charge. Restrooms available in the lobby. Refreshments, lunch and snacks will be sold at location. City-Wide Market is purchasing the parking lots on both days, so vendors and shoppers will have free parking, all day. Admission is free for shoppers. Electricity is possible but will require early request and add'l fee (please email for more info).

Vendors will have optional load in on Friday, which will cut down the stress of a rushed setup on the morning of. Additionally, vendors have the opportunity to leave their belongings overnight to avoid having to setup a second time. Security will watch the venue and items overnight.

6. <b>ITEM DESCRIPTION</b> All aspects of what you intend to sell need to be generally addressed on this application form. You do not need to list each specific item, we just need a general idea of the type of goods you're bringing! Since we want to showcase an array of different items, vendors are chosen specifically based upon their applications.

7. <b>ITEMS WERE LOOKING FOR</b> If you sell: vintage or retro items, collectibles, unique locally made products, or quality second-hand goods this show is for you. We intend to present this event as a quality show, with vendors that have nice goods, across the spectrum. Please keep in mind that this IS a flea market. It will attract all different types of people, including 'bargain-hunters' AND shoppers looking for specific quality pieces. We advise you consider this while determining which items you'd like to bring. We believe a good mix of well priced items is your best bet. This is not a "junk" sale, nor an antique fair. Rather, it is an event that falls somewhere in between!

8. <b>VENDOR MEETING & PROMOTION</b> There will be a mandatory vendor meeting held on a (TBD) date. As an approved vendor, you will be expected to participate by showing up at the meeting (unless approved absence or private meeting held), as well as spreading the word on this event.

9. <b>PRESENTATION</b> Booth presentation is EXTREMELY important for this event. Presentation sets the tone of a market, and we want to exemplify quality, uniqueness and value. Plainly put, we intend for this show to be the show shoppers talk about and want to come back to, again and again. With the exception of large items, all items MUST be placed on tables/shelves/etc. NO boxes laying around or items scattered across a blanket. We want to convey a sense of quality. Vendors should assume the responsibility of maintaining a well organized and presentable booth (Trust us, it'll help your sales!)

10. <b>ACCEPTANCE</b> We base our decisions not only on quality, but also how many vendors have similar items and whether we feel your items would suit our audience. It's a losing situation for everyone if we accept a person who sells items that may be beautiful but simply would not fit our market audience. We encourage everyone to apply, not only for the purpose of this particular event, but future shows, as well. Again, if you are not accepted, please do not get discouraged or take it personally.

11. <b>RESPONSE</b> Please be patient as it may take us some time to get through our vendor applications.

Thank you for your interest! Hope to see you at the show!
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