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For each of the 12 questions below please select the options you consider most important/relevant. Feel free to add additional responses in "other".
What are the principal skills and resourcing challenges facing organisations today?
What new roles and skills are emerging as technologies such as AI, blockchain, AR become more prevalent?
Where will capability come from and what innovations in the recruitment process will support this?
How do organisations support employees to adapt and build their own capabilities? Is the key to solving skills scarcity to retain and retrain?
How can diversity and inclusion be pushed higher up the agenda?
Which roles are in most danger of disappearing altogether over the next 5 years?
How does HR adjust, prove value and deliver ROI in rapidly changing tech-driven workplaces?
What policy interventions are required to equip the workforce of the future?
How can you ensure an entrepreneurial spirit flourishes across all types of organisation?
What can we learn from the start-up world about skills and people?
Within your own organisation, what skills do you see developing further and which will decline over the next five years?
CX / Impact of Technology
Technology and Digital Skills
AI and orchestration
When thinking about developing skills, are there any specific areas you would like to see included across the board in education through the National Curriculum?
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The survey closes on 30th April 2019.

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