College for All PA: Group Endorsement Form
PA students graduate with the highest average student debt in the country. We demand action. We're uniting across our campuses, workplaces, and communities to win College For All. This year, we're calling on all candidates and elected officials to sign the College for All PA pledge: "I pledge to stand up for students by supporting College For All across Pennsylvania. I will use the power of my office to make state-funded schools tuition-free and ensure that quality higher education is available and accessible to all Pennsylvanians."

Are you part of a campus or community group that would like to endorse College for All PA? Fill out this form!

Endorsing organizations will have their name and logo posted on the College for All PA website: They will also be invited to share personal stories, meet with candidates and elected officials, and host local events to advance College for All. For more on PA Student Power Network, the coordinator of College for All PA, follow us at or contact James at

* This form is for campus and community groups to endorse College for All PA. If you are a candidate or elected official who'd like to sign the College for All PA pledge, go to

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