Stop Racial Profiling and Discrimination at UCSF
Dear UCSF community,

On behalf of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color at UCSF, we are writing to express our concern and frustration that UCSF PRIDE values are not being upheld by all members of our community. These values include Respect and Diversity, yet many of us have repeatedly experienced racial profiling and discrimination by our colleagues.

"University policy on Wearing of ID Cards requires all UCSF staff, students, faculty, and affiliates to use and display their UCSF ID badges to maintain the safety of UCSF premises. The We ID badge system helps us verify identification and limit access to authorized members of the UCSF community." - UCSF Police Department

However, this rule is loosely enforced and when it is enforced, it is primarily applied to Black and Indigenous people, and other People of Color (BIPOC). This selective enforcement reinforces racial biases and upholds a notion of what a UCSF community member is "supposed to look like". You can find select accounts of these experiences at the end of this letter.

Official UCSF policy dictates that face coverings are required on campus facilities, but we are concerned that the UCSF Police Department and other UCSF employees perceive BIPOC complying with public health policy as intruders or safety threats. This concern is particularly relevant because many essential workers reporting to UCSF's campuses are predominantly BIPOC.

As BIPOC of UCSF, we are tired of being profiled by UCSF employees because of the color of our skin. Our goal to advance health worldwide through biomedical research and patient care is hampered by constant micro- and macro-aggressions within the University.

In signing this statement, we condemn the racial profiling and discrimination experienced daily by Black and Indigenous people, and other People of Color, and call upon UCSF to address the ongoing racial profiling and discrimination of its community members with the following steps:
1. Directly partner with Black and Indigenous community members, and other community members of color to identify ways to provide a safe and equitable experience on campus.
2. Implement annual racial bias and anti-racist training for all UCSF employees.
3. Require security to identify ALL building entrants, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or role at UCSF.
4. Publicly report statistics on the race and ethnicity of individuals involved in UCSF Police Department incidents.
5. Host a quarterly forum for BIPOC UCSF community members to voice thoughts and concerns directly to UCSF leadership.

If you would like to share your own experience with racial profiling or discrimination at UCSF, please submit your story below. All stories will be posted anonymously unless you explicitly provide permission (see form below).

The following accounts were provided by members of our UCSF community, and represent a small fraction of the exclusion and alienation felt as a result of actions and behavior by UCSF employees, including UCSF Police Department:

- A student was going to the Medical Student Lounge to enjoy a cup of tea when they were singled out to show ID by the front desk, for “not looking like a student” (despite the fact the door requires an ID scan)

- A student was going to a meeting with an administrator when they were accosted by an Associate Registrar, who demanded the student show proof they “were supposed to be [there] or leave the premises immediately”

These incidents demonstrate how students of color, especially Black and Indigenous students, are disproportionately targeted on university campuses.


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