Path Proposal for the EcoSex Convergence 2018
Pathwork at the EcoSex Convergence offers participants a small group initiatory experience, an opportunity to get to know fellow ecosexuals more in depth, and the chance to practice skills in Earth-loving. Path leaders are responsible for preparing and delivering ecosexual coursework for two hour sessions on 3 distinct days. Pathwork is intended to integrate head and heart skills with embodied practices and to leave participants with tangible steps they can take to courageously live and love for the Earth. Pathwork is often the most memorable part of participants' experience at the Convergence!

For examples of previous path work descriptions and outlines please click here (

Required skills: Path leaders need to have experience in leading groups of up to 25 people, including ritual, sensory "presencing" or other embodiment exercises focused on the path's theme, and be able to ground and anchor at will, Path leaders will need to already be trained or can be trained by taking an Anchor class by Kathy McKeever or Oakry or its equivalent, please communicate with Teri about this. Each team is expected to have one person who understands and facilitates ecosomatics practices for the group to help the participants embody the teachings (see Nala Walla’s article and videos for foundational structure see resources list on Prepare path work for participants that provides a sense of initiation. For greater clarity, you can request a conversation with Teri Ciacchi.

Path leaders will need to work together and meet monthly with their team in March, April May & June to develop resonance as a team and hone material for the path. Path leaders are expected to have visited the land/Windward hosting the EcoSex Convergence at least once prior to the event (exceptions made for those living outside Cascadia Bioregion).

Path work leaders MUST arrive on site by 1pm Wed afternoon. It is our strong preference to have Path work leaders and presenters arrive in time for the Tuesday June 13th evening potluck dinner at 6pm.

Pathwork Acceptance and Agreements
If we select your pathwork, we will notify you by February 1st by sending you a letter of understanding that outlines the agreements we hold with you as pathwork leaders.

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