AISA Pre-travel Information
IMPORTANT. Please submit as soon as possible. MANDATORY. 必須
Team *
Your AISA team? Choose one and only one.
Family *
Family name 名字 (ローマ字で. 例: Sato)
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Given *
Given name 名前 (ローマ字で. 例: Taro)
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Gender 性別: F = Female 女. M = Male 男.
SOISmail *
Student soismail address 生徒のSOISメールのメールアドレス (例:
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Have you already submitted or will you soon submit a jpeg copy of the picture page of your passport to
I understand that I need to wear a Sabers jacket during the trip. I already have one, or I will soon buy one, or I will borrow one.
Green sheet
Will you soon submit the first permission "green sheet", signed by your parents, HR teacher, and principal?
AISA conduct rules
Have your read and understood, and do you agree to follow, the AISA rules of conduct? (See pdf document on Sabers website "travel permission" page: 1) NO missed curfew. 2) NO drinking. 3) NO smoking. 4) NO drugs. 5) NO stealing. 6) NO bad sportsmanship.
T-shirt order, size
Do you want to order an AISA t-shirt? (about 1500円 for South Korea, about 1800円 for Yokohama, and SOIS). あなたは、AISA Tシャツを購入したいと考えていますか?(韓国では約1500円、本校と横浜では約1800円で販売されています) Indicate your size here (Japan sizes; サイズは普段日本で購入しているTシャツのサイズと同じサイズで販売されます). If you want more than 1 t-shirt, select "More than 1 shirt" and then write a note after "Other" indicating the sizes.
Allergies アレルギーについて Please list and explain any allergies you have - pollen, food, animals, medication. (Or write "none".) 下記のボックス内に、アレルギー(植物、食物、動物、薬物など)について記入してください。また、アレルギーが無い場合には、「none」と記入してください。
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I understand that I must buy an appropriate gift for my homestay host family in South Korea, about 1000-2000円.
Homestay hosting
I understand that, as an AISA traveling student, I may be asked to be a homestay host for another sport at a different time.
Finished. Thank you. Go Sabers!
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