HTC Spring Musical 2020 Parent Orientation Presentation
This Orientation takes the place of attendance at the Parent Meeting on January 11, 2020. Either completion of this Orientation or Attendance at the Parent Meeting is mandatory. If you would rather attend the hour-long face-to-face meeting with Mr. Wolfe as he goes through all of the following points, you need not continue. However, if you cannot make that meeting, successful completion of this mini-course will allow your student to be eligible for casting.

There are twelve sections in all. You will need to complete all of them before you may hit the Submit button. So, make sure you have a sufficient amount of time to complete this mini-course. It should take about an hour for you to read and answer the questions after each section. If you are new to Google Forms, the default font size may be too small for you. Simply use Command and the plus sign (Apple) or Windows and the plus sign (PC) to magnify this presentation.

First, we need to know a little bit about you and your performer.
What is your prospective performer's name? *
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What is your name? *
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What is your preferred method of communication? *
Remind App Registration Link
All parents new to the Remind app are welcome to register and join the Spring Musical Parents text group at: (The s20htcpar code is short for Spring 20 HTC Parents)

The Remind app allows Mr. Wolfe to send out a text without compromising anyone else's information. The message comes as a 140 character, tweet-like text message.

If you had joined a previous incarnation of the Remind Parent Group, you will need to sign up again by texting @s20htcpar to the number 81010. You will receive a welcome text from Remind as proof of your registration with this group.

If anyone has trouble with 81010, you can try texting @s20htcpar to (323) 284-6376
Please list the email addresses by which you'd like to be contacted. You may also include any pertinent addresses for spouse/significant-others. *
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Please include your cell phone number(s) below if you'd like:
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Please include your home phone number(s) below if you'd like:
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What is your relationship to the performer? (You may use one of the following identifiers or you may use 'other' to explain further.) *
Please list any other family members in your household who take responsibility for scheduling appointments and conflicts with your performer's schedule for the next four months. (Or write "None other.") *
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