NaperWriMo 2015 Survey
Please help us improve NaNoWriMo for everyone in our region in 2016!
What city/suburb are you located in?
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Did you win NaNo?
Write 50,000 words in November
Did you participate in the Library Crawl?
See for more information about theCrawl
Which write-ins were your favorite? Tell us why?
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Do you like word wars?
Did you use the IRC chat room?
Did you like the kick off party?
How can we improve the kick-off party?
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Did you like the TGIO?
TGIO = Thank Goodness It's Over
How would you suggest we improve the TGIO?
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Were there any particular elements in the kick-off and/or TGIO that you particularly enjoyed?
What do you want us to keep on doing?
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Suggestions for making the forums more useful and user friendly
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Thoughts on the number of regional emails.
Suggestions for improving the regional emails
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Did you attend any of the prep workshops?
If you attended one of the prep workshops, did you find it useful?
Suggestions for improvements to the prep workshops or what workshops you would like to see
If you are interested in giving a workshop, please contact us.
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Did you get a hipster PDA?
Did you find the hipster PDA useful and would like to see these continue?
Other suggestions for improving our region
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