CTL Faculty Development Survey

The Center for Teaching and Learning asks that you take a few moments to complete this brief survey.

Your input will help us better focus our programs and resources. Please use the comments sections to provide additional ideas, suggestions and reactions.

If you have more ideas and comments and/or want to talk about Center programs face to face please do not hesitate to contact the Center staff (2681) or Bill Wallace (2405) directly.

    Part 1: Demographic Information

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    Part 2: Topics in Teaching

    Improving Student work in groups or teams
    Adding active or experiential learning activities to a course
    Using Games and simulations in the classroom
    Enhancing lecture presentations for large enrollment courses
    Implementing interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning
    Ways of dealing with plagiarism or academic dishonesty
    How integrate ideas of social justice, global citizenship and/or multicultural awareness into courses in my discipline
    Is my course ADA compliant - How would I know?
    Effectively using a portfolio as a teaching tool
    No one is talking: Creating effective classroom discussions
    Creating effective and engaging presentation content (Powerpoint slides, Clicker activities, multimedia content, etc....)
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    Part 3: Student Life

    What is good advising and how is it done?
    Teaching under prepared and/or overwhelmed students
    Sexual orientation and/or multicultural issues in the classroom
    Angry to lethargic: Working and teaching difficult students
    Classroom policies - what rules should you have, what works and why
    Grade challenges: How to discuss grade challenges and policies with students
    Creating a relationship and getting the work done: Working with students on a collaborative research project
    Doesn't everyone learn the same way? Brain research and the new college student
    Merging curricular and co-curricular programs to enhance the student experience
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    Part 4: Assessment and Grading

    What does the Higher Learning Commission expect and how are we supposed to prepare?
    Writing (or finding) effective rubrics in my discipline
    Quick and easy classroom formative assessments
    How do I line course level outcomes with program level outcomes?
    Ways to manage a portfolio evaluations
    Methods of grading group or team projects
    Is this really a contract? Issues and new ideas in syllabus design and creation
    Creating learning outcomes for programs and majors
    Effective use of the Blackboard Grade Center
    Creating tests and quizzes with Respondus
    Effectively Responding to student written work
    Grading writing assignments efficiently and effectively
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    Part 5: Professional Development

    Grant seeking and writing
    Publishing help - forming faculty support groups to aid in writing articles, books or creative works
    Before tenure: Stories from the trenches - how to navigate the process
    After tenure: I took the sabbatical - how do I create a productive career that will last 25 years or more?
    AARP knows where I live: Teaching, research and professional growth in the last 10 years of a career
    Who else has read this? Book groups and discussions on topics of interest
    Can you write a textbook? Creating the text and finding a publisher
    Creating a personal website
    How to create an effective Faculty Information Form
    Playing around with new technology: iPads, eReaders, flipcams, digital cameras and Garageband
    Why is there never enough time? Strategies in time management for the teaching scholar
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    Part 6: Communication

    Inside Hamline Announcements
    Personal e-mail
    Monthly printed calendars listing all events
    Calendar listing on the CTL website
    Weekly phone messages
    Postings on the new digital signage system
    Event fliers in your campus mailbox
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